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Model above, Amber, Chattanooga, Tn. Spike

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Article coming soon on Alison in Mother Hood 

Mychele's, Supermodels Unlimited, Fall 2004 Add.

Mychele's 21 year old unique girlish charm is precious but her experience as a model is well polished and a true professional when it comes to putting on the dog. For the professional photographer this is important for the efficiency of the shoot. At 5' 4" l00 lb. her poses are smooth and flowing and adds her own unique character to your imagery. She has big beautiful rounded green cat like eyes and flirty in her personality that can penetrate you the way only mychele can do.



The 5', 4" symmetry of her body is well proportionate supporting beautiful legs and will provide a quantity of  imagery for your project that your trying to achieve. Beside her modeling Mychele's character lends itself to acting in the motion picture world and you can catch her on her video portfolio presentation inside spikefashion.com Enjoy!

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   Alison Hastings: Magazine Cover of the Week              Her Fashion Expression, See her in portfolio in spikefashion.com, Chattanooga, Tn       


Amber, a visual and fashion presentation delight to the human eye, with the right curves, big rounded liquid green eyes, wonderful smile,  ruby red lips and an easy to work with personality that has demonstrated some exceptional presentation skills in the modeling arena. A 5'4" 110lb young  woman of 18 years who with any type of style needed is very adaptable in your advertising or image projecting needs and is our Spike Fashion featured model/ actor for this week. She is beautiful, fresh and polished and has tremendous potential and capability in the modeling and acting world. Working with her is a pleasure and with her even consistent personality that she portrays you can always depend on this woman in  a professional shoot, still or video. Her face,  physical moves and emotional capability lends itself to any kind of scene from the series drama to the comical.  Amber has what it takes and you will find a lot more of her images and video introduction in Model Town USA.in the member section of spikefashion.com  Enjoy!  Stay tuned for her movie coming soon.

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Welcome, Wes  is one of our new models that has joined spikefashion and on his first shoot should arouse the interest of the female kind. Read about Wes and view his portfolio inside of Model Town USA

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Madia: R&B music

R&B singer Madia is ready for the big time. Her songs have the same infectious quality that many ubiquitous pop songs have, and she knows how to present her music in a way that's both accessible and original. The beats are a little dirty, her voice is a little suggestive, and so the recipe for stardom is in place.

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****************************  Welcome, Amy Oooh! La La! spikefashion.com has received a newcomer in the modeling game  who for her first lingerie shoot, Oh well you be the judge.

 We imaged Amy in a beautiful Island Cove Marina Chalet in Chattanooga, Ten. just this week on Tuesday the Feb.14th and wow what a shoot . Of course we had a  few to put everybody in a relaxed mood and what can I say. You should have been there. You can view all of Amy's images in  her portfolio and pop up's and in high definition as well as a video  introduction she is wanting to work on..





















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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